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How To Easily Pass Your Nursing Final Exam

The finals will be here! It is the time of year that nobody misses, and rightfully so, as there is so much to study and very little time. It is too stressful.

Hence, to make finals week more bearable, we will cover a few things that will help you succeed in your finals without wanting to pull out your hair.

  1. Utilize All The Resources:

    Your nursing educators and instructors have worked hard to provide you with many additional resources to help you learn the best. Hence, you should utilize all the resources you have at your access.

    It will help ensure you know all the information necessary for the exam.
  2. Don't Forget Your Weaknesses:

    No matter what you are studying, we all have some subjects we love, others we are indifferent to, and some we dislike. We focus more on our favorite topics and not so much on others.

    But unfortunately, you have to give exams for all topics, and they will be scored cumulatively. Hence, during your final week (and even before that), you should cover your weak areas and topics you do not enjoy.
  3. Study In Small Chucks:

    Your mind becomes exhausted when you study for a long time without breaks. As a result, the time you spend learning new material has diminishing returns. To counter this, it helps to cut your study period into smaller chunks by taking breaks.

    One of the most famous ways to do it is to use the Pomodoro technique. You can do it by studying for 25 mins and taking a 5 mins break OR studying for 50 mins and then taking 10 mins break.

    It is essential to know that the Pomodoro technique is not for everyone. A few people prefer to study/ work without interruptions (breaks). As this helps them get into and stay in the study zone.
  4. Answer Practice Questions:

    Your books will have some practice questions at the end of each chapter. After studying all the topics, you can try answering these practice questions to test your knowledge.

    It will help you understand and rectify the gaps in your knowledge. Also, practice testing is one of the best ways of studying. Doing it will make sure that you will be able to recall information more efficiently during the exam.
  5. Designate A Workspace And Break Space:

    Designating different sections of your living area for particular purposes is beneficial. For example, sleep experts say that you should not do anything but rest and sleep in your bed.

    Similarly, when you designate a location for a particular task, your mind always associates that location with the job. So if you create a designated study space, you will focus more on your studies when you are there. And when you are in your break space, you will be more relaxed.
  6. Focus On The Main Topics Of Each Section:

    If you have just started studying as the finals are near, you may be overwhelmed by the number of topics you have to cover.

    To do this, you can review the main ideas your professor has covered during the course. While doing this, you might not need to go through the topic in minute detail. Instead, having a general understanding of the topic will help you answer the questions and get a passing score.
  7. Know Your Professor's Exam Format:

    Before you start studying, understanding the exam format is very important. Hence you should consult your professor about it before the exam. Each professor has a unique way of formatting and selecting the questions for an exam.

    You can take help from your seniors to understand the test-taking behavior of the professor. If your professor holds exam review days, you should attend them. It will be an excellent way to review the material. Also, professors habitually throw hints about what might come in the exam.
  8. Teach Your Friends:

    Teaching someone is one of the best ways of studying and understanding concepts. When you speak out loud, you will understand the points in the confusing topics. Also, while teaching, you will be actively recalling the material, which will help to solidify it further.

    You can offer help to a friend or classmate, speak to an imaginary audience, or explain it to your cat. ( It might be helpful for the cat to know which medication to give during an allergy attack!)
  9. Use the A.D.P.I.E Technique:

    You can determine the correct answers to the questions in your exams using the A.D.P.I.E Technique. A.D.P.I.E. stands for assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. These are the steps in the nursing process that you will follow throughout your nursing career.
  10. Remember Self-care

    With so much to study and so little time, it is very easy to neglect to take care of yourself. But it would be best to remember that your brain depends on healthy habits like eating, sleeping, exercising, and meditation to function optimally.

    Performing these activities when you have so much to study might seem like a waste of time, but conversely, these are the thing that will help your brain function better.

Wrap up:

Whether your finals are a few weeks away or tomorrow, you should implement the above tips to ensure you pass your finals with a good grade. Although you must pass NCLEX to become licensed, it is essential to focus on your final grades since these marks will reflect your performance in nursing school on your resume.