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How To Prepare For The Next Generation NCLEX

The new NCLEX will challenge you to achieve a higher nursing standard. Therefore, passing the exam is not going to be easy. But still, it is entirely possible to pass the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) on your first attempt.

Hence in this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you to prepare for the NGN and help you pass on the first attempt.

What is Next Generation NCLEX?

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) analyzed the skills and knowledge required to practice as a nurse. They found an increase in the minimal level of skills and expertise to practice as an entry-level nurse. This increase is due to medical advancements and patients with more acute illnesses.

Practicing nurses now need to have good clinical judgment to be able to provide proper care to the client. Hence the NCSBN is introducing the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). The purpose of NGN is to ask better questions to aspiring nurses and test their clinical judgment better.

The NCSBN plans to launch the NGN on 1st April 2023. So if you graduate after spring 2023, you will take the NGN.

How to prepare for NGN:

  1. Understand The New Exam:

  2. Use Active Learning Techniques:

    Not all study techniques are effective for passing an exam like Next Generation NCLEX. Ironically, the most common study techniques used by students, like re-reading, highlighting, and taking notes, are the least effective methods. The only reason behind their popularity is their easiness. But using easy study methods may not be the best idea when tackling a challenging exam like NGN.

    Hence you must use study methods that are proven to be effective by scientific research, such as active recall, spaced repetition, and microlearning. These study methods may be more challenging and time-consuming. Still, they will lead to a better understanding of the concept and longer retention. Using a high-yield online question bank such as ArcherReview is one of the best ways to practice active studying.
  3. Build Your Clinical Judgment:

    A nursing career involves high stakes and a fast-paced environment. To save lives, you must gather accurate information, develop practical action plans, and formulate effective solutions. All of these activities will be easier if you have good clinical judgment. To succeed as a nurse, you must be quick-thinking, self-sufficient, self-aware, and responsible. Hence, the NGN NCLEX wants you to develop sound clinical judgment.

    To build clinical judgment, you can-
  4. Practice The New NGN Questions Type:

    If you are preparing for the NGN through old ways, you may find it pretty hard to pass. To succeed in NGN on your first attempt, you must familiarize yourself with the new question types. The new question types of NGN are-
    • Extended Multiple Response Questions
    • Extended Drag and Drop Questions
    • Cloze (Drop–Down) Questions
    • Enhanced Hot spot (Highlighting) Questions
    • Matrix/Grid Questions

You might find the exam more challenging if you are unfamiliar with these questions. Hence you need to familiarize yourself with these questions and practice through question banks that provide you with the latest question types.

  1. Read Rationales:

    When going through the ArcherReview question banks solving at least 100 questions daily, you should also read the rationales for the questions you get wrong. It will help you better understand the concept and why you were wrong in your answer.

    Doing this will improve your weak areas and ensure you ace the Next Generation NCLEX on your first attempt.
  2. Start Studying As Early As Possible:

    The more time you allow yourself to prepare for the exam, the more ready you will be to ace it. Therefore, you should ideally start preparing at least 6 to 12 months before your exam day. But suppose you want to stay ahead of your peers even in preparation for the exam. In that case, you can start studying for the exam even a year before the exam date.

Wrap up:

Now that you know what to do, it is time to start taking action. Even though the exam and the way of preparing for it has changed, there is one thing that hasn't: hard work. You can ace the exam if you work smartly and put in the hours!

And if you want assistance with your NGN prep, you can check out our ArcherReview NCLEX Course.