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How To Prepare For The Reading Section Of ATI TEAS 7

The ATI TEAS 7 has four sections: reading, math, science, and English and language usage. When preparing for the exam, it is vital to understand and be proficient in solving each section. Hence we have created a series of articles explaining each TEAS 7 to help you prepare for the exam.

Reading is not only critical from the exam point of view, but it is also a crucial skill for becoming an efficient nurse. Hence in this article, we will explain why you are being tested on your reading skills, what's new in this section, the types of questions you can expect, and how to prepare for the reading section.

Why are you being tested on Reading skills?

The reading section of TEAS 7 is designed to test your ability to comprehend and analyze written material. When attending nursing school, you must read various academic texts, including medical jargon, research papers, textbooks, and patient records. Hence, you should have excellent reading skills to succeed in your coursework and profession.

TEAS 7 is a standardized test that helps nursing schools to assess whether you have the necessary skills to succeed in the program. The reading section is significant because it tests your ability to read and understand complex written material, a fundamental skill you require to succeed as a nurse.

This section will test your ability to identify the main ideas, make inferences and draw conclusions from the text. In addition, you will be applying your reading comprehension to real-world scenarios and demonstrating your understanding of the material.

What's new in the reading section of TEAS 7?

The reading section of TEAS 7 has fewer questions than before (TEAS 6), i.e., the number of questions has decreased from 53 to 45. But along with the number of questions, there is a reduction in the time limit of this section as well. So, instead of 64 mins, you will only have 55 minutes to solve the reading section.

The exam will emphasize the questions that test your ability to think about and integrate knowledge and ideas. The questions about key concepts, craft, details, and structure will be fewer. Therefore the questions will make you think about things instead of just finding evidence in a passage to answer a particular question.

Types of questions in the TEAS 7 reading section:

In the ATI TEAS 7, you will be facing three types of questions, i.e.-

  1. Finding key Ideas:

    In this question type, you will be expected to find the key ideas by reading the passages and paragraphs. These questions may be about passage organization, structure, topic, summary, or main idea. These types of questions might also ask you to follow instructions. These questions often require looking at the bigger picture in the given passage.
  2. Focus on specific words and details:

    These questions will require you to focus on specific words and details and analyze the author's tone, bias, and meaning or work with text features like italics. Again, these questions need you to focus on details. You often wouldn't even need to read the whole passage to find an answer to this question.
  3. Using sources:

    These questions involve using sources that include using charts and graphics, using themes, and finding primary sources. To answer these questions, you will often require to memorize specific concepts.

How to prepare for TEAS 7 Reading sections:

  1. Understand the Test Format:

    Before you start preparing for any test, you need to understand it. The same goes for TEAS 7. You need to understand the format, topics, and question types that will be asked in the reading section. Doing this will allow you to prepare for the exam in a manner best suited to the exam format.

    Understanding the exam format will also ensure that you do not get any surprises during the exam, which can add to the stress and cause anxiety. To understand the reading section's current format, refer to the "What's new in the reading section of TEAS 7?" section.
  2. Improve your reading speed and comprehension:

    A good way to ensure you will answer all the TEAS 7 reading questions is to improve your reading speed and understanding. It is absolutely possible to speed read without losing your comprehension capacity. You just need to practice. You can read regularly, build your vocabulary, and take many practice tests.

    While taking the practice tests, you should also learn and practice skimming and scanning through the entire passage to find the critical information. This will help you to be quick while finding the necessary information and help you solve the question faster.
  3. Learn Key Vocabulary:

    Being a nurse will need you to have a certain level of vocabulary. Hence, TEAS 7 reading sections ensure you understand specific words and terminologies to succeed as a nurse.

    Hence you should create a list of words and terminologies often used in the reading section and memorize them. Then, you can create flashcards with the word/ term on one side and its meaning on the other. Ensure to practice these flashcards often so you will not have a problem comprehending the questions during the exam.
  4. Practice with Practice Tests:

    The most effective way to become good at something is to practice, and the same goes for an exam. Taking a practice test is one of the best ways to familiarize oneself with the exam questions, format, and time limit. Giving multiple practice tests will also reduce your stress and anxiety during the exam. This will help you stay calm throughout the exam and answer questions appropriately.

    Practice tests will also let you understand your exam score and the areas in which you need improvement. If you get a good score in practice exams, you can be sure that you are ready to face the exam and get an excellent score on your first attempt.


In conclusion, the reading section of the ATI TEAS 7 is designed to test a student's ability to comprehend and analyze written material. This section is important because it tests your ability to read and understand complex written material, a fundamental skill required to succeed as a nurse.

To prepare for the reading section of TEAS 7, you should understand the test format, improve your reading speed and comprehension, learn essential vocabulary, and practice with practice tests. By utilizing these tips, you can ensure that you are entirely prepared to take on the reading section of the ATI TEAS 7 exam.

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