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Step1 Question of the week #3

Weekly USMLE Style Free Questions

A 65-year-old man comes to physician’s clinic with complaints of pain and swelling on the right side of neck for ten days. He also had complaints of pain while swallowing. He had no history of fever and difficulty in eating. His temperature is 37 ºC (98.6o F), pulse is 84/min, respirations are 16/min and blood pressure is 110/76 mm of Hg. On physical examination, an oval swelling of size 3cmx2.5cm, tender on touch with smooth surface is present on the right side of neck and skin over the swelling is red. After considering all clinical findings, the physician makes a diagnosis of an infection. Which of the following is most likely organism associated with this type of condition?

1. Infection by E. coli

2. Infection by clostridium botulinum

3. Infection by HSV-1

4. Infection by Staphylococcus aureus

5. Infection by HSV-2