Pass USMLE with ease
Our students tell us that Archer CCS workshop, Qbanks, and multifaceted course helped them to pass USMLE Step 3. We are proud to boast a 95% pass rate! We believe that we have something to offer for everyone including difficult test takers and International Medical Graduates (IMGs). We want to help you pass your exam with ease, let us show you how!
Learn the insider Step 3 secrets
The difference between students who perform well on standardized exams is not about who is smarter but it is about who has the winning strategy. Over the past several years we have experimented with CCS strategies for passing the USMLE Step 3. Supervised and taught by most effective instructors, Dr.Red CCS Workshop is the most sought after course for USMLE Step 3. This evidence-based approach has revolutionized USMLE Step 3 preparation and is available via. webinars and pay-per-view.
Master the concept with Q-banks
This is only the beginning of a long and worthwhile career in medicine. The strategies that you will learn here are not just important for passing USMLE and Boards but they are important for life. Enhancing strategies in test taking impacts success in critical thinking, reading and auditory comprehension, and improves overall goal achievement and ultimately self-confidence and discipline. We want to help you become the physician that you have always wanted to be and to achieve your goal.
Be confident on test day
Let us help you prepare for the most important exams of your medical career. Our physicians have prepared hours of test prep course in the form of rapid review, test questions and clinical videos. We compile feedback from prior successful students and incorporate this into our review. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have done your best to prepare for your exam. With our help, you will be ready on test day.
Magnify your strengths and critical thinking
With our help you will fill in the gaps in your medical knowledge and improve the weak areas. We want to highlight your strengths and use this as a method to help you learn new information and improve your test scores. By maximizing your strengths we want to help build your confidence. Our USMLE Step 3 Question bank and Concept oriented lectures will help you reach this goal.


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Welcome to Archer Review, the course for intense individualized online exam preparation. We offer review coursework for Step II, Step III, the COMLEX 3 exam, and the Internal Medicine Boards. Our physician based teaching seminars and online reviews make us unique in that each learner has a personalized method for achieving success on examination day. This review course was started to address the need for physician and expert directed student guidance and more guaranteed success on the USMLE.

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